Zinc Tank Testing

Elderlee hot-dip galvanizes products for customers throughout the East Coast and prides itself on superior quality finishes.  We have the capability to galvanize a variety of shapes and sizes with one of the largest kettles in New York State at 38.5 ft long, 5.5 ft wide, 6 ft deep, and holding over 253 tons of molten zinc heated to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. 

We galvanize products for the construction, transportation, infrastructure, electrical, fencing, and other specialty industries.  We have also coated custom steel artwork for artists and sculptors for use in parks or public spaces.  We service our customers with fast turn around times and galvanize products in accordance with ASTM specifications. 

Our experienced staff executes the galvanizing process to provide a cost effective coating solution that significantly extends the life cycle of steel and dramatically reduces maintenance costs.  Galvanized steel parts can last over 25 years without maintenance, and the zinc coating is much more durable than painted coatings that often chip during assembly or exposure to the elements. 

Galvanized Boxed Beam Guardrail

Unprotected steel corrodes quickly as oxidation activity consumes the metal, but this process is preventable by protecting the steel from water and oxygen, thus interrupting the oxidizing action.  Unfortunately, surface coatings such as paint are permeable to water and oxygen and eventually permit rusting.  Hot-dip galvanizing, however alloys molten zinc to steel metallurgically and forms an impenetrable barrier to water and oxygen.  The zinc then acts as a sacrificial anode protecting the steel from rust and corrosion, even if the surface has been damaged. 

The galvanizing process has unmatched advantages over other coating processes.  This combined with our superior service is the reason why customers from a wide range of industries chose Elderlee, Inc. as their preferred galvanizer.  Please contact us for quotes or information regarding our hot-dip galvanizing services.

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